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100% Human Fans

Take advantage of the more than 500 million Facebook users all over the world. If you want to have thousands of new human fans with active Facebook accounts to be added to your Facebook page, this is the easiest way to do it. Now you can market your product with just a few clicks.

Natural Page Expansion

We won’t add fans to your Facebook page all at once. When you Buy Facebook Fans, they will be manually added up to your page over a period of time (please check out the time frames listed in our checkout page for more info).

A Dependable Partner

If you’re looking for a top-rate marketing services in Facebook, FanBoost is the name to trust. Our goal is to give our clients delight and success. Our money-back guarantee is just one proof that we always do our best. We’ll make sure that you receive what you pay for — no less.

Country Targeted Fans

Whatever country your business operates in, we can give you the fan base that’s just right for you. You can now choose to target your Facebook audience by location. FanBoost will bring to you the exact people that you need to serve in your business.

Get Fans on the Dot

Choose from our diverse fan packages when you want to gain the fans that you’re looking for. There’s good reason why Fanboost is regarded as the fastest Facebook fan provider. This is the best way to increase your brand visibility on Facebook.

Boost Your Online Sales

Utilizing social networking sites such as Facebook is one of the best ways to improve your company’s brand awareness. With more than half a billion Facebook users, you’re virtually selling to the entire world.

Buy Facebook Fans Today!

The problem with other fan-boosting services that allege that they can increase your number of Facebook fans is that you’ll more likely than not get fake fans run by bots. The main point in increasing your company’s number of fans, after all, is to spread awareness of what you’re offering to real consumers as a means of marketing your goods.

Realistically speaking, you don’t want to buy facebook fans that are fake and artificially enhance your stats because you’ll be fooling no one but yourself with that kind of scheme! What you need is a company that provides you real Facebook fans who’ll interact and visit your profile, tell their friends about your product, and ultimately patronize your business!

Don’t Depend on Bots and Phony Friends with Fake Profiles. Choose Fanboost’s Professional Services!

Relying on services that offer you synthetic boosts in your company’s or website’s Facebook page is an exercise in futility. It’s like throwing your money away on a bridge! Luckily, Fanboost is here to help you make full use of your social media marketing budget and ensure 100% customer satisfaction or your money back!

Fanboost is composed of a dedicated team of online marketing professionals who’ll assist you in increasing the number of your Facebook fans by droves! To reiterate, the fans driven to your page are real people, so you’ll be getting real traffic to your website and real potential customers for your products!

Why Buy Facebook Fans?

You should remember that Facebook is a social networking giant and one of the largest marketing mediums online. Millions are spent by companies to market their products on this social media hub in order to receive billions of hits. Never underestimate the power of viral marketing.

More to the point, by buying Facebook fans from Fanboost, you’ll end up with a group of interested fans and potential buyers and clients that will vouch for your product after sampling it and do all your marketing for you with their testimonials and support!

How Fanboost Works

Everyone is using Facebook nowadays and the social networking site itself was specifically developed to help spread information among peers in a very streamlined manner! What this means is that when you buy facebook fans from Fanboost, you’ll be able to get a slice of that social networking pie and gain the support you need from all these potential Facebook customers and clients!

Fanboost basically works this way. After you’ve sent out your order to buy Facebook fans, Fanboost will simply access its massive global fan base and manually send out invitations to each and every one of them while also making suggestions to people who share your same interest.

Because of the massiveness and diversity of Fanboost’s database, you’re sure to get genuine fans to subscribe to your page even as others decide otherwise. Essentially, it’s a means to virally market your site without necessarily forcing anyone to join your Facebook fan page. Ergo, the traffic results you’ll get are natural and the flow of interest to your page and your product is genuine!

Gift that Keeps on Giving

If you want to make good use of your marketing budget for social media, then investing in Fanboost’s services is the way to go. Since the dawn of Web 2.0, any company that’s worth its salt tend to invest in Facebook marketing campaigns because Facebook is by now the preferred website of Internet users everywhere!

When you buy Facebook fans, you’ll be able to get even more fans from the shared network of friends of each fan you’ll get. By simply connecting with your Facebook page, you’ll get even more potential customers or publicity without doing a hard sell of what you have to offer! What’s more, Fanboost offers the following major advantages:

  • Increased Profit: You can enhance your revenue by buying Facebook fans and increasing awareness of what you have to offer among your fans’ social network.
  • Real People: These are not bots or fake profiles. These are real people who will decide whether or not to become a part of your fan base.
  • Credibility: We deliver exactly what we say; more fans for your Facebook page, and they’re real people to boot!

What Our Users Are Saying...

'I used Fanboost's Facebook marketing service to increase the fans of my Facebook FanPage about vacation rentals, and the results I got was simply amazing! We now have new clients coming everyday.'
~ Nicolas Davis, Website Owner

'I am a Web Developer, and I bought the 5,000 Facebook fans package for one of the websites I am working on. I think it is an excellent way to get free traffic and potential clients. I will definately be ordering more soon.'
~ Jason Pavich, Web Developer

'Timely delivery, competitive rates, amazing support, I have tried various Facebook Fan Page services to date, but none has left such a positive impression. I will definatelly buy Facebook fans again from Fanboost.'
~ Samuel Arrowood, Entrepreneur

'We are a group of musicians and as you know it's all about popularity. So, we have decided to try out Fanboost's Facebook marketing servies. Our online sales have increased dramatically and we also received airplay on radio stations.'
~ Colby k. Black, Musician

'We have bought 10,000 Facebook fans and all I can say is that it's worth every single penny. Now our fanpage is growing everyday. Spending our advertising dollars on Fanboost was a great investment.'
~ Steven Holloway, Network Marketer

'Me and my partner have started a business with a really small budget. We were very busy working on our web app and we didn't have time to spend on Marketing. Fanboost has helped us save a lot of time.'
~ Michael Jones, Business Owner

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